About Dr Samarí

Hola Dear Mamá!

What a pleasure to have you join me here!

I’m Dr. Samarí, and many of you may recognize me as @motherchology from Instagram. I’m a doctor in clinical psychology, a certified perinatal educator and a new mom of an awesome girl.  I have a “new-born” passion for supporting first-time mamas to mother themselves as they would their babies.

Let me share with you part of my mom story. I was 38 -years -old when I entered into unplanned motherhood. I had broken up with the person I was dating before I knew I was pregnant, suddenly becoming a single mom. Doctors labeled my pregnancy as “high risk” solely because of my age, and I was strongly encouraged  to undergo genetic testing to rule out Down’s Syndrome. During my third trimester, I moved back to my home country Puerto Rico to enjoy the support of my dear family. For me, this meant leaving my career as a therapist to become a full-time mom, which was a major change in my identity as you can imagine.

What I found most challenging during my pregnancy was to feel heard and emotionally supported by my medical providers. I remember feeling vulnerable, like a little girl who needed frequent reassurances. I also found I was reliving resentment towards my mother and dealing with my inner- child wounds. I had all sorts of fears about my planned home labor in case any complications happened. I felt all these emotions and thoughts at once, but my gynecologist, my midwife and other providers focused solely on how my pregnancy was going physically.  They were not interested in  my emotional state!

This is why I founded Motherchology! I hope to help first-time mothers to be mothered themselves, to be given a broad range of information, be respected, listened to and nurtured every step of the way. One of my goals is to guide new moms to re-parent themselves so they can heal their own childhood issues, and, from that place, raise healthy children. To begin with, I offer you my training and education as a psychologist.  I also offer the perinatal education training I have completed and my own understanding and experience of motherhood.  Together,  we can  create an environment where you can feel safe to ask, learn and share your perinatal and mama experiences. I want you to feel you have both the knowledge to enter this transition but also the wisdom to flourish in your new role as mother.

My hope is that through my guidance and support, you feel free to follow your intuition, acquire evidence-based knowledge, participate actively in your childbirth, enforce your reproductive rights, and learn to nurture your needs throughout your motherhood journey. Watching women take ownership of their emotional well-being through their own soul-care is a great dream-come-true. I’ll feel greatly honored if we cross paths.

With love,
Dr. Samarí

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