As a new mom...

you are about to face one of the most transformational phases of your life, being the mother of another human being. It is essential to count on professional, reliable support throughout this complex process.


All of this is possible! Here in Motherchology we hold a safe, nurturing space to support your pregnancy and postpartum process as a new mom. We know that mothering yourself through the power of your own self-care practices, acquiring evidence-based perinatal education, feeling emotionally and psychologically supported by other moms and the chance to reparent yourself while taking care of your baby will make you bloom stronger.

We know we are the best option to support your motherhood journey. How so? Well, there is no one better to support a first -time mom than another first- time mom, especially one who also has a mental health graduate- level training and new mom first-hand experience.

About Motherchology


Provide humanized perinatal services to first-time mothers by attuning into their emotional and mental well-being so they can parent themselves and their children from a place of awareness.


Every first-time mom has the support to thrive as a conscientious mother.


Mothering Mothers

Outstanding Treatment

Transparent Communication

Healthy attachment

Evidence-based services/ Empathy

Respect/ Reinforce wise mothering

Support Self-care practices

Services Menu

What is the Support you need For your Motherhood Journey?

Services Packages

Nourishing the Bond

(Circle of Security for Parents)

  • An Eight-week Program to Help Raise Secure Attached Children.
  • Individual/Family Follow-up Sessions
  • Description of This Package is Above in Services Menu

Expanding Yourself
(Pregnant Moms)

  • Prenatal Classes
  • Online or In-person Emotional Support Sessions
  • Domestic Chores Relief
  • Labor Accompaniment
  • Baby Welcoming Ritual

Mothering the New Mom
(Postpartum Process)

  • Individual or Group Postpartum Classes
  • Emotional Support Sessions
  • Domestic Chores Relief
  • Postpartum Support Groups
  • Baby Welcoming Ritual and/or Fourth Trimester Ritual

Discover Your Personal Style and the Confidence That Comes with It.

Discover Your Personal Style and the Confidence That Comes with It.

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My Happy Clients!

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